Sunday, May 24, 2009

Resveratrol Supplement and Red wine Paradox

Many manufacturers in today time are appearing in the market to make the supplements of resveratrol because it is showing very exciting results and is gathering more and more popularity among the common people. The resveratrol supplements are greatly recommended as they are very strong abd have very high quality. Well, if you want to buy resveratrol product than you should keep in mind that every brand do packaging at its best but most of them misleads and non-trustable. In an survey done in 2007, it was found that out of thirteen resveratrol supplements companies two were selling less quantity as compare to the quantity they were claiming, and the rest eleven brands of resveratrol supplements had honest labeling. The important concern is that they do no use to say any thing about their overall quality. Resveratrol must be bioavailable for the body if you want to get its full effect, this doesn’t depends on the fact that what nutrient or supplement are you consuming.

What does bioavailability means?

Bioavailability means the degree of substance which could be absorbed and consumed by our body. If you are consuming an tablet or capsule the that pills gets broken down and gets digested and on the other hand if nutrients are not absorbed in digestion process then these nutrients will simply thrown out of body by any cleaning system of body. Its very important to know that which resveratrol supplement would be bioavailable for you. You should keep in mind that the product produced in mass use to be of low quality and do gives very little. One of the greatest fear causing incident is that sometimes in X-rays of patient doctors use to find the entire capsules lying in the patient’s gut and which shows that it remained undigested, generally these capsules use to be the supplement capsules which patient use to take for healthy life. Some what higher quality is used to be recommended, yes they are expensive from cheaper ones but not too much expensive that a normal person cant buy them. These high quality products use to be tested by scientists while manufacturing and use to allow much higher levels of nutrients and minerals to be absorbed to the bloodstream. There use to be the quercetin molecule in the food which contains resveratrol and when this molecule gets added in to the resveratrol products then the results showed that it have can increase the bioavailability of body.

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